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The Official GameHandout FAQ


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Many new members have the same questions over and over.
Instead of having to wait for a mod to get on and reply to them, you can earn brownie points by referring them to this FAQ. That is, if their question is answered here.

Getting Started
  • I'm new here. What do I do?
Well, howdy there new guy. First, read The Rules. Then, you can just mosey on down to the Introductions forum, and create your own thread as a means to introduce yourself. Try to include some things about yourself, such as your hobbies or favorite things.
  • Are there any rules for the forum?
Yes. You can find them here.
  • How do I set up my profile?
To set up your profile, click on the little person above the right side of the forums.

From there, you can choose to edit a variety of things. The most important are your password, preferences, and avatar. We prefer all of our users to have an avatar so that they feel like people, and not empty accounts.
  • How do I change my mood?
You just have to go to your profile page, and click on your current mood to change it.

  • How do I see my badges?
They are shown below your username and member status.
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You can find larger versions of them with descriptions on your profile.

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How Everything Works
  • How does the site work?
Here is a rundown written by @Xyphien:
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of GameHandout! I am here today to explain exactly how the forum/site works! Many people have been asking things here and there on how the site works, how do you make money, can you make money doing this, doing that, how can I send people money, etc. Well, I'm here to tell you how everything works! :D

Forum Currency: GH$ Also known as GameHandout Cash is awarded to anyone who posts topics, replies to posts, etc. GH$ is then used to exchange for games via the shop found HERE This awards you, the user for being active on the site, and allows you better chances to win some games if you cannot seem to catch a break winning anything via any of our giveaways. This way, it's not just a site of chance, but also rewards you with hard work, and being apart of the community.

Shop & Games: GameHandout is a gaming community dedicated to giving back to the... gaming community. This is why we offer a shop :) The shop has a list of all the games we currently have and are giving away, this way you can also see what games will be held in competitions, and generally what games we have to offer. We, the staff of GameHandout pay, and provide these games as a selfless service to the community, we spend our own money on the games, and what we buy is it. We do not accept recommendations to add games, as if we don't have it already, chances are we can't afford it right now. This comes out of our own pockets after all.

System: Our whole system, the medals, shop purchases, giveaways, etc. is all manually done. We have to go in and do this manually, and myself (@Xyphien) tend to be the only one who knows how to do 90% of this currently, so I'm stuck doing it all by myself most of the time. This being said, you will not get a medal, shop purchase, etc. automatically. If you buy a game via the shop, do something to get a medal, etc. you must PM me directly with a screenshot of the purchase/what you did for the medal/etc. and when I get home from whatever I'm doing I'll add/give it to you manually.

Staff: We do not pay the staff members, they are staff because they love the community, and want to help it achieve something greater. They also get little to no benefits, this means they don't get any money bonus, higher chance of winning games, etc. This being said they are in fact able to participate in any giveaway, and event they wish to participate in, as well as purchase games for themselves. They should not get punished for taking time out of their day to help out the community, and help run the forums.

Giveaways: We host giveaways whenever we feel the need to, or wish to do it. Once again, we do this out of our own free will, and will not host a giveaway simply because someone requested it. Our giveaways are also not always the standard "Do this and this to participate" giveaways, we can randomly give out games to a random active member, host a posting giveaway, event giveaways. The best way to make the best out of the giveaways is to join all of our social media! You can find a link to that HERE

More Information: If I still didn't answer a question you may have feel free to ask it below. I'm more than happy to answer any information, and if it's something important I'll even add it to this post. I hope this helped answer a few questions, and shed some like on how this whole thing works.
  • Why don't I have all of the badges that I should?
In order to receive some badges, you have to send a PM to an admin so that they can verify that you have done the task required to earn a badge. After that, you will be awarded your brand new badge.
  • How do I get free games?
You can get free games by going to the Shop and purchasing one with the currency you have, or try to win one from the active giveaways in the Announcements forum. Another way to get free games is to follow @Xyphien and GameHandout on various forms of social media.
  • What are said forms of social media that I can follow GameHandout on?
Twitch - Youtube - Twitter - Facebook
  • How do I acquire forum currency?
You get forum currency by posting. Posting a reply to any thread (except those in the Forum Games Section) gives you $1, and posting your own thread gives you $3. Posting a review gives you even more than that. You can also offer a service, such as signature making, in the Exchange forum. We are also rewarding members who create advertisements or GameHandout related content by giving them forum currency.
  • How do I post a review?
@CasualCastiel wrote up a wonderful guideline to writing a review that you can find here.
  • I purchased a game on the shop, why haven't I gotten it yet?
The shop run manually, not automatically. Once you have purchased something in the shop you have to wait for the shop owner to personally give you the key for the game.
  • How do I make a shop?
You can find an informative image tutorial here.
  • How do I win a giveaway?
Most giveaways involve the activity of members. For those giveaways, the winners will be the members who are active and meaningful posts. They also have their profile all set up, and are invaluable to the community. Other giveaways might be random or

Forum Specifics
  • What is a VIP member?
VIP members are members who pay a small sum of money to the forum to help keep us running. It's similar to a donation. VIP members get a variety of different perks ranging from different username colors, access to VIP-only giveaways, and an exclusive forum section. You can find more info here.
  • Who is in charge?
@Xyphien is. He's the owner and creator of the site. I'm just second in command. If you ever need something, come to us. We're usually on the same page, but there are a few things that only he can help you with.
  • How do I become a moderator? / Can I become a moderator?
Please do not ask us if you can become a moderator or staff member. If we ever feel that we need more help running the forums, we'll announce it and carefully pick and offer the job to the person(s) we see fit.
  • I have more questions! Where do I go to ask them?
You can either post another question as a reply here, or in the FAQ forum. If it is deemed worthy of this sticky, I'll add it.


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Okay, thank you. I've done FBooker,Follower & Subscriber Medals however I didn't get them yet.
FBooker: Awarded for people who like our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/gamehandout
Follower: Award to users who follow our twitter: http://www.twitter.com/gamehandout
Subscriber: Awarded for subscribing too http://www.youtube.com/user/gamehandout
When does it get to you?
It didn't get to me when I done it hours ago.
For those ones, you have to send a pm with your username on each site to @Xyphien, since he is in charge of them.
Then he'll check to see that you've indeed followed him, and give you the rewards.


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Is the shop automatic or manual? Like when we purchase something will we instantly get the game, or do we have to wait for you or @Xyphien to send us the code manually?


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There is a website that does the same thing you do but the system is automatic.
They've also probably either been up for a while, have the money to do that, or are gods at coding. Other than the site being up for a while, I am neither able to afford someone to code that for me, nor am I that good at coding anything to do such things.


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You often have to strike a deal with the company having those services, or show to the company your website is "trusted"

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